Client: Eversify

Service: Product Design, Web Design.

Partnership: Since Aug 2022

Results: 3 Web Apps, Website.


Eversify offers accessible and cost-effective Web3 market information and data to all users. They simplify the process of turning data into investment opportunities through their user-friendly platform, at no cost.

Established in late 2022, Eversify empowers users with the resources, data and information needed to make informed Web3 investment decisions with ease. These services are permanently available to users.


We partnered with Eversify late 2022, and our mission was to build a unique branding, high-performing website that sells like crazy for a niche that was hard to sell and explain services to, and a product the users stick to.


Our redesign process involved extensive collaboration with the Eversify team to fully understand their vision and objectives. After conducting research and workshops, we crafted a comprehensive overhaul plan that not only consolidated Eversify's unique value proposition into a clear statement, but also established brand guidelines that included design systems best practices, photography, typography, and color guidelines - a complete toolkit to achieve the goals.

We took a user-centered approach to ensure that the redesign not only met the needs of the Eversify team but also provided an exceptional experience for users. To this end, we closely monitored the launch and provided ongoing support to ensure that the website effectively conveyed Eversify's value proposition and met its objectives.

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